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What are people asking?

How do I book a training course?
For course booking or reservations contact us on;
  • Tel: 0731305030
  • e-mail: info@istiglobal.com

Or visit our website calendar and register using the online registration form by clicking on the training you need.
What skills and experience do your trainers have?
I know I want training but don't know what skills I need, can you advise me?
Where are the classes held?
How can you design a course when you don't know our company?
How can I measure the effectiveness of your training?
Is there any follow-up to the training?
The sort of course I want isn't listed; can you still offer me the training I want?
Do you offer any online courses?
What are your training rates?

International Sales Training Institute    +254 780 511 256    AACC Complex - 4th Floor.    Waiyaki Way, Westlands.
P.O Box 4921-00100 Nairobi, Kenya    kendi@istiglobal.com
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