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What is SAMS?

Sales Activity Management System (SAMS) is the latest sales product developed by International Sales Training Institute (ISTI) and Roamtech Solutions, merging expertise in Sales and technology to bring a product that will offer efficiency in your sales process.

Top customer service excellence Training

SAMS is a mobile sales activity management system that provides a road map and consistent systems to organizations to get on track, stay on track and to create a high performance culture.

Benefits of using SAMS

Grow sales with an efficient sales force.
Monitor all prospects end-to-end
Manager is up-to date with sales activities

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Current Situation

Why choose sams

By choosing to work with SAMS

  • You Have all your sales processes in a mobile device
  • Your Sales reps can place orders on the move.
  • You can Issue instant quotations
  • You can Monitor real time progress
  • Generate instant reports

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